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John DAVIS married Sarah GREATHOUSE, daughter of Jacob GREATHOUSE.  Birth dates unknown for both, but estimated to be about 1755.  John DAVIS died about November 29, 1826 in Columbia County, Georgia.  John and Sarah were the parents of at least eleven children (birth order unknown; list of children comes from John DAVIS's will (see note 1 below)):
  1. Rebecca DAVIS , married Charles DENHAM.  She died before November 29, 1826 (see note 2 below)
  2. Sarah DAVIS, married (unknown first name) IVEY
  3. Elizabeth DAVIS, married (unknown first name) JONES
  4. Keziah DAVIS, born about 1778, married (unknown first name) KNIGHT (possibly John "Jacky" Knight, per family trees found online)
  5. John DAVIS
  6. Benjamin DAVIS
  7. Hezekiah DAVIS
  8. Reuben DAVIS, born probably between 1775-1794
  9. Nathaniel DAVIS, born probably between 1775-1794
  10. Abram (Abraham) DAVIS, born probably between 1775-1794
  11. Joseph DAVIS, born probably between 1775-1794
The parents of John DAVIS (husband of Sarah GREATHOUSE) are unknown at present.  It appears that he was a Quaker, and a member of the Wrightsborough Monthly Meeting (located originally in Columbia County, Georgia, then McDuffie County, Georgia).  Other researchers list his origin as having been in North Carolina, and that he was a part of the Cane Creek Monthly Meeting of North Carolina.  I cannot find any support for this.  There are a number of men affiliated with the Cane Creek Monthly Meeting who were named John DAVIS, but I have traced each of these and definitively eliminated each I can identify as being my John DAVIS.  Earlier researchers in particular have tried to identify the parents of the John DAVIS who married Sarah GREATHOUSE as having been Charles DAVIS and Hannah MATSON from the Cane Creek meeting, but I have also definitively eliminated Charles and Hannah's son, John, as well (from examination of Cane Creek Monthly Meeting records).  A John Davis does appear in the Wrightsborough Township area, affiliated with the Quaker settlement, as early as the 1770s (per documentation found). 

Note 1: 

Early Will Abstracts, Columbia County, Georgia, p. 104
DAVIS, John s/ Apr. 8, 1823.  p/ Nov. 29, 1826.  Wife Sarah.  Daughters:  Sarah Ivey, Elizabeth Jones, and Keziah Knight.  Sons:  John, Benjamin, Hezekiah, Reuben, Nathaniel, Abram and Joseph.  Children of Rebecca Durham.  Exrs. Billington Sanders, William Gunby.  Wit: Thomas Dooly, Robert Jones and James Price.  [Note:  Durham for Rebecca's last name is a transcription error in this book, and should be Dunham, or as later spelled by her son Davis: Denham.] 

Note 2:

Often, other researchers have omitted Rebecca from the list of John's children.  They either ignore her name in the will, or assume she was not one of John and Sarah's children. but one who predeceased him.  The proof that Rebecca was one of the children of John and Sarah DAVIS comes from the will of her husband taken from Records of Some Georgia Counties, volume II, page 126, the will of Charles DENHAM, father of Davis DENHAM (and other children, including Daniel, John, James, Josiah, Elizabeth, Permelia, Mary, and Rebecca), includes this:  "There is a legacy coming to my first wife's children from their grandfather John DAVIS.  It is my will that my children by my second wife should receive in money or other property to the Legacy."  The first wife of Charles DENHAM was Rebecca DAVIS, the daughter of John DAVIS and Sarah (GREATHOUSE) DAVIS.

Note 3:

Following is a listing of all DAVIS families taken from the 1820 census of Columbia County, Georgia.  No DAVIES, PERKINS, OR GREATHOUSE families found in the county at the time. 

Columns for this census year as extracted below:

Page number
Names of heads of families
Free white males under 10 years
Free white males of 10 and under 16
Free white males between 16 and 18
Free white males of 16 and under 26, including heads of families
Free white males of 26 and under 45, including heads of families
Free white males of 45 and upwards, including heads of families
Free white females under 10 years
Free white females of 10 and under 16
Free white females of 16 and under 26, including heads of families
Free white females of 26 and under 45, including heads of families
Free white females of 45 and upwards, including heads of families

p. 38, Mark Phile Davis, 2,2,0,1,0,1,4,2,1,0,0
p. 39, John Davis Senr., 0,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,1  (it appears they mean John Davis, Sr.)
p. 43, Joseph Davis, 2,0,0,1,0,1,0,0,2,0,1
p. 44, Evan Davis, 3,4,0,0,1,0,1,1,0,1,0
p. 45, John G. Davis, 0,0,0,3,0,0,0,0,1,0,0
p. 46, Clementius Davis, 0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,1,0
p. 28, William Davis, 3,0,2,2,1,0,3,0,1,0,0
p. 30, Jospeh Davis, 1,0,0,0,1,0,1,1,1,0,0  (spelled as someone had transcribed/typed from original, assume this must be Joseph)
p. 34, Gasaway Davis, 1,0,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,1,0
p. 52B, Abraham Davis, 0,0,0,1,1,0,1,1,1,1,0
p. 52B, Nathaniel Davis, 2,1,1,1,1,0,2,2,1,0,0
p. 53, Reuben Davis, 0,1,1,1,1,0,2,1,2,1,0

As the sons of John DAVIS and Sarah (GREATHOUSE) DAVIS included:  John, Reuben, Nathaniel, Abram/Abraham, and Joseph, I have marked those above, along with "John, Sr.," who I have also bolded, who appears likely to be my John DAVIS.  Without knowing exact birthdates, or how much "over 45" John Sr. might have been at the time, I have marked the more likely Joseph for the son. 

Interestingly enough, Mark Phile DAVIS, John DAVIS Sr., and Joseph DAVIS, being on the first three lines above, are also the only ones out of the lot who are 45 and older, and all seem to be living in close proximity.  Related perhaps?  John DAVIS Sr. and Joseph DAVIS also are the only ones with females in the household over 45.  The female in John Sr.'s household would, assumedly, be his wife Sarah (GREATHOUSE).

As an aside--RootsWeb has contributed trees showing a Gazaway DAVIS as the son of Clementius DAVIS, Jr.  The Clementius above is of course too young to be this Gazaway's father if the age categories are correct. 

Note--the above census information was taken from someone else's transcription of the handwritten census, and has not been checked by me except for John Sr. and John G..  Also note that the page with John Sr. is difficult to find on Ancestry as they have it listed in the wrong county (Bibb?  I believe, and not correctly as Columbia).

Note 4:

There is a possibility that my John Davis was the grandson of Peter and Sarah Perkins.  The will of Peter Perkins, dated 1801 from Warren County, Georgia, lists a grandson John Davis.  This Perkins family is strongly affiliated with my John in any case, as my John and some of Peter's decendants were the heirs of Jacob Greathouse.  Other researchers list Peter's daughter Abigail as having been married to a Mr. Davis (no first name given), with her being the mother of John Davis.  Until I can find documentation, however, this remains just a possibility.

From: Warren County Georgia Will Book 1 - 1798 - 1808  (
PERKINS (PARKINS), Peter                Mar 6, 1801 
Wife: Sarah 
Daus: Tenny Clowis; Abigail; Eleanor Darden; Jemema White; 
      Elizabeth Neal 
Sons: John; Abraham 
G-sons: John Davis; Peter Perkins 
Children of dau., Nancy Greathouse, dec'd. 
Eight dollars to Wrightsborough Quaker Burying Ground 
Exrs: John Torrence; John Baker 
Wit: Soloman Thompson; John Williams

The extraction of this same will in the book:  Warren County Georgia Genealogy II, 1793-1900 shows this reading instead from Wills 1793-1811):

Perkins, Peter, made 26 March 1801, Probate (blank);
Wife: Sarah
Sons: John, Abraham
Daughters: Clower (?), Jenny; Darden, Eleanor; White, Imma (?); Wilkins, Sarah; Neal, Elizabeth, Abigail; Groathoun (?), Nancy, deceased
Grandson: John Davis; Perkins, Peter
Grandchildren: children of daughter Groathoun, Nancy, deceased

(Wording, question marks, name order, spelling, all taken exactly from this text).


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